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studio | garage | storage sale, most items used for exhibitions, or creation of my artwork, a nomad cannot carry many things…
I need to leave these in good + loving hands! contact me via text +19176648610, all items in Brooklyn 11211, VENMO and PayPAL preferable, if not through this site via credit card (they will charge me a fee sniff, sniff)

used: VP70 HD Video Player

used: VP70 HD Video Player


Basic operation of player The VP70 is an auto looping HD video player. Once you connect the player (see next page for help) to a TV or monitor, all you need to do is load your video, audio or picture files on the enclosed SD card or USB drive and insert it into the player. The order in which the files are loaded is the order in which they play. Even if you load multiple file types (video, audio and pictures) the player will go through them in order and then start over once the last file is played. Once you load the card or drive, simply remove the power cord for a few seconds then reconnect the power. Your player will start play and continue to do so until power is turned off or the remote is used to stop or pause the video.

Connections The VP70 has 3 possible video outputs. Composite video , HDMI and VGA Your audio can be outputted by either the right and left jacks or through the HDMI jack (39) HDMI transfers a true digital audio and video signal through 1 cable. Only 1 video output can be used at a time.

As mentioned in the basic operation of player section, if you simply want to auto play and auto loop files, you just need to load them onto a SD or USB drive and insert into the player. Upon power up, the player will begin to play and continue to loop the files contained. The following sections explain how the menu and settings work.

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