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studio | garage | storage sale, most items used for exhibitions, or creation of my artwork, a nomad cannot carry many things…
I need to leave these in good + loving hands! contact me via text +19176648610, all items in Brooklyn 11211, VENMO and PayPAL preferable, if not through this site via credit card (they will charge me a fee sniff, sniff)

USED: Sony EV-C200 Hi8 8mm Editing Video Cassette Recorder Player

USED: Sony EV-C200 Hi8 8mm Editing Video Cassette Recorder Player


* High-End Home Video Equipment. 
* NTSC Video System. 
* Hi8 & 8mm Video System. 
* Hi8 Format Delivers 400 Lines of Resolution and Consistent, Clear Image Reproduction for Superior Editing Results. 

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* Flying erase head for noise-free picture transitions when recording or editing 
* AFM Hi-Fi Stereo Audio, Superb 90 dB Dynamic Range and Wide Frequency Response of 20Hz to 20 kHz. 
* Digital Auto Tracking. 
* SP/LP Playback & SP Recording Mode. 
* VTR Command Mode Selector: Off/1/2/3. 
* Auto Head Cleaner. 
* Tape Stabilizer. 
* Linear Time Counter. 
* High-Speed Rewind. 
* Skip/Scan Playback. 
* Locked Picture Search. 
* Commercial Skip. 
* 2X Fast Play. 
* Cyrstal Clear Still/Slow Playback 
* Frame-by-Frame Advance/Reverse. 
* Tape Return. 
* Line Input: S-Video/Video/Stereo Audio. 
* Line Output: S-Video/Video/Stereo Audio. 
* VHF/UHF Input/Output. Channel 3/4 Switch. 
* Control-L (LANC) Editing Connector. 
* Synchro Edit function for easy synchronized editing between Handycam camcorder and VCR 
* Edit Switch Minimizes Picture Degradation during Multi-Generation Editing. 
* 17 x 3 3/8 x 12" (WHD)