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07. TEACHER: SARAH BLONDIN- meditation

Live Awake is about breathing your senses alive, seeing with vivid color, tasting, smelling and loving with all of your being present and aware. Live Awake is about getting drunk on the beauty that is your life, about opening your eyes to the significance of all things small and large. It's about living without walls and opening to the beating heart found within everything.

The Live Awake podcast helps bring you back to your grounded center through reflection and guided meditation. This podcast lends a new outlook to some of life's hard landscape. Perspective is everything, and by choosing to live awake to all that blooms in front of us we begin to live a more empowered life where joy becomes our natural state of being rather than something we occasionally stumble upon. Through living awake we become conscious participants in our life’s unfolding

"She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that nature was responsible for loving her awake. She decided the earth breathed its grace up from the roots of her feet. The trees gathered together to give her grounded strength. She decided the wind carried loving whispers from the divine to her slumbering ears. She decided the sky showered her with wisdom and mirrored the boundless nature of every soul walking this earth.

When her eyes opened she saw before her a playground of light, each beam reaching toward her. She understood for the first time it seemed that the life resting in the spaces between her bones was meant to be lived with every fiber. Was meant to be fiercely loved and honored and savored.

She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that she would live forevermore wide open to all that came to be in front of her. She decided that living awake was a choice, and in that moment she became free. And in that moment she chose to be the beam of light that reaches toward all other life, to be the beam that assists the earth in breathing and loving others awake."

Sarah Blondin is the founder, writer, videographer and podcast host for 'live awake'. 

~She lives with her two beautiful son's and husband in British Columbia, Canada.


What if I told you freedom isn’t a destination, not an idea or ideal or dream? It is ours, in this moment, living within each of our breaths. History and the stories we have chosen are the very things that stand in the way of our joy and freedom. The past, even just a minute ago, has gone, yet we remain in the woes we have so complicatedly wrote. It's easier for us to hold on to the idea that someone else is responsible for our unhappiness, than to open our arms up to the wide open sky and say I don’t need this pain anymore. We are afraid to let go, and instead hold tight to everything we wish to resolve within. This episode aims to help us move from a place of being fixed in suffering to entering back into our intended state of freedom.

This episode explores the reality that we are here to grow and expand as souls and that everything we experience is serving as our vehicle, our mainline to an expanded version of Self. We are taking part in a brilliant transaction in which put before us in our lifetime is everything our soul has called forth in order to find truth, and liberation from its suffering and confinement.